UV Curable Coatings

Peacock has been producing inks, coatings and dispersions for that are worldwide for over fifteen years.  This includes inks for offset, flexo, silkscreen, roll coat and sprayable coatings for metal, plastic, glass, and paper.

Our Ultra Violet / UV Ink and Coating solutions will:

▪  Improve productivity by reducing down time, production time and delivery time.
▪  Virtually eliminate VOCs.
▪  Engineer the best UV ink or coatings for required physical properties
▪  Collaborate with customers to formulate the best performance/cost product for your application.

UV Curing - LabPeacock’s Expertise

  • Peacock Colors is more than a blender.  We are a manufacturer.  As a manufacturer, Peacock is a one stop shop for both blending and chemical sub-assemblies that are frequently required.
  • We assemble many of our own raw materials including photo-initiators, pigment and additive dispersions, monomer and oligamer combinations, etc.
  • UV ink is a thermoset system.  Peacock Colors also produces dispersions.  We have over 30 years of experience in producing colors and additives for thermoplastic and thermoset resins such as epoxies, urethanes and polyesters.  This experience is invaluable in producing UV curable products and helps us think “out of the box.”
  • Our manufacturing team has the experience, expertise and ability to ensure quality and consistency.

    We work with the best UV coatings suppliers in the business. We can customize our formulas to your specific requirements giving us the ability to formulate for a full range of applications. Our customers tell us that our inks exhibit:

    ▪  Excellent cure rate.
    ▪  Excellent water properties with good pigment wetting for offset ink.
    ▪  Low misting at high speeds.
    ▪  Excellent adhesion on metal, plastic and glass.


Applications for UV Curable Coatings

Plastic (UV coatings)

The plastic offset inks we produce are for olefin tubes and food containers.  Our silkscreen inks are used on olefin notebook binders, milk bottles, etc.  Our coatings are used to protect polycarbonate in automotive applications such as in dashboard lenses and headlamp lenses cover restoration.  We have a product for PVC adhesive, sonic welding and lamination. 

Polymer Alloys (Polymer compounding)

We specialize in shear sensitive resins such as styrenics, Barex®, all forms of PVC, acetal, high viscosity olefins,etc. We have the unique ability of mixing liquids and low viscosity materials into high viscosity material.  Try that on a twin screw!  We do rubbers, minerals, teflon (PTFE), fiber, flame retardants, and of course pigments & dyes.

Glass (UV coatings)

Dyed and pigmented silkscreen coatings can be color matched.  Protective and washable/removable coatings are available.

Metal (UV coatings)

Offset, silkscreen, and rollcoat applications for decoration, imprinting, coding and corrosion protection.
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