Color Beads for Plastic Processing

Color BeadsColor Beads for Plastic Processing were developed approximately twenty years ago to meet the demand for “universal” colorants that could be run in automated loading systems in a multitude of resin systems.  With the demand for higher quality, this product has evolved to fit more specific criteria.  Peacock Colors still produces a basic formula that can be used to color such resins as Polypropylene (P/P), Polyethylene (P/E), Polyamide, Acetal, Polystyrene (P/S), FPVC, TPEs, and ABS.  There are specific formulations for such resins as polycarbonate, rigid vinyl, urethane, acrylic, PET (PETG) and other alloys.

We stock or manufacture additive packages such as blowing agents, UV inhibitors, anti-oxidants, anti-stats, scents, release and slip agents, etc. in bead form.  Beads can be formulated to incorporate combinations of these additives with the colorant for a “one package” system

Beads are produced by high intensity mixing chemicals (and pigments or dyes) at specific temperatures into a slurry and running through classifiers into a specific size.  Chemistry helps to assure the pre-wetting or dispersion of pigments or dyes.  High pigment loading enables most colorants to be run at 1% letdown ratios.  Peacock Colors has four lines normally capable of making product within two to five working days.

These forms of colorants or additives are designed to be run through auger or additive feeding systems and can be metered into the system below the dryer or desiccant in hydroscopic resins.  Although some processors drum tumble this product, we do not recommend that it be pumped or vacuum loaded into a hopper as the product can fracture and disintegrate back into powder or will liquefy in a dryer and will sift through some types of resins causing poor dispersion or caking on the screw.  The addition of an approved liquid when tumbling will stop the beads from sifting through the resin.

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