Nano Particle Size Reduction

Color LabFor those in need of ultra fine dispersion, distribution or nano particle size reduction, Peacock provides custom dispersion, blending and classifying of Minerals, Pigments, Resins.

Our Mixing and dispersion mills provide capabilities for:

  • Nano particle reduction
  • Particle Blending
  • Nano particle dispersions (below 1 micron)
  • Particle size classification
  • Active ingredients compression

The following list of stock colors are in paste form and have been formulated for cast, and sprayable systems. We can also reduce or customize the viscosity of these dispersions to enable them to be pumped through a dispensing gun.

These basic colors are used for rollers, truck bed liners and foam and can be mixed. This list does not reflect the hundreds of custom colors we have matched and produced. We can match your special color!


Polyether Dispersions

Color/Pigment type Product Code
Black 12178
Medium Gray 12408
White W-4106
Red (PR 170) R-7417
Permanent Red R-7435
Permanent Yellow Y-1734-W
Green (PG 7) G-4909-B
Blue (PB 15:3) B-4856-E
Permanent Orange O-1611
UV W-4280
Cadmium Red R-5662-H
Blue (PB 15:3) B-6795
Green (PG 7) G-6138