Nano Dispersions

Over 75 Years of Expertise

Peacock Colors, Inc., dispersion and color experts for over 75 years, has added Nano particle dispersions of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to their line. This compliments the existing dispersions of inorganic and organic pigments.  Nano particle technology offers the paint, coatings, and plastic processing manufacturer permanent UV light protection at prices that are competitive to organic UV light stabilizers. Peacock Nano dispersions are nonvolatile, zeroVOC, non-hazardous and are available in custom resin systems. Peacock Nano colors and specialty pigment dispersions offer brilliant color development and effects development in easy to use dispersion form.

Peacock Nano Dispersion Characteristics

Nano particle concentrations ~ 50% to 80%
Nano particle size ~ 30nm to 80nm
Pigment types ~ TiO2, ZnO, iron oxides, mixed metal oxides, organic pigments.
Recommended application concentration ~ 2% to 30% based on resin solids
Hazardous ingredient content ~ ZERO
Vehicle type ~ ANY: Acrylic, epoxy, polyester, soy oil, etc.
Cure system types ~ ANY: 1 part, 2 part, air dry, bake, UV cure, etc.
Solvent types ~ Zero VOC oil or water.
Samples ~ Samples available upon request.
Packaging ~ 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drum.

Peacock Nano Dispersions are stir-in concentrates. High speed dispersion or special processing is not required. Simply mix into your coating formula with simple mixing.  Peacock Nano Dispersions can be made in your particular resin, polyol, oil, or water system.

Nano Dispersion Applications

Industries Served Systems
UV curable inks & coatings Monomers, oligomers, acrylates
Plastisol Phthlates, plasticizers
2 part cast systems Urethanes, epoxies, polyesters, acrylics
2 part spray systems (bed liners) Polyols
Exterior wood stain Alkyd, acrylic, soy & castor oil
Artist oil paint Alkyd, acrylic
Candles, Waxes Parafin, Soy Wax
Concrete Dry powder, solvent, and water-based