For those in need of ultra fine dispersion, distribution or nano particle size reduction, Peacock provides custom dispersion, blending and classifying of Minerals, Pigments, Resins.

Our Mixing and dispersion mills provide capabilities for:

  • Nano particle reduction
  • Particle Blending
  • Nano particle dispersions (below 1 micron)
  • Particle size classification
  • Active ingredients compression

Peacock Colors specializes in producing Color Concentrates/Masterbatches for moisture and sheer sensitive “Engineering” resins.

Our unique equipment gives us the capability to run all of the engineering resins that require low sheer and devolitolization including polyamide, acetal, rigid and flexible PVC, polyurethane, TPE, polycarbonate, PCABS, PPO, PPS, Barex, Surlyn, Seylar, Triax, PTFE, polysulfone and all of the polyesters including PET, PETG & PBT.

Color LabBuss Kneaders

The three most destructive forces in processing polymers are shear, heat, and moisture (volatiles.)  Buss Kneaders are vented and allow us to vacuum volatiles out of the process.  There are multiple feeding ports that allow us to run the product at different L/D ratios (length of screw/diameter.)  We also have the capability of introducing additives downstream into the “melt.”  The “kneading” design of Buss equipment maximizes dispersion and distribution without degrading the polymer with sheer.  The high horsepower and torque translate into higher throughput at lower temperatures.

Whether we are manufacturing compounds or color concentrates, this all translates into higher quality polymer products.

Peacock Colors also manufactures liquid color and paste systems for thermoset and thermoplastic resins.  In addition to commodity resins, our formulas include liquid color and additives for polycarbonate, urethanes, polyamide, PVC, as well as all the polyesters including PET, PETG, and PBT.