Blowing Agents

Peacock utilizes sources for endothermic and exothermic blowing agents to meet your specific requirements.    We have successfully engineered solutions for hundreds of product applications over the past 30 years.  Endothermic and Exothermic Blowing Agents include Safoams and Ficel.


Organic Acid/ Carbonate


Absorbs heat (endothermic) (W-3076, 3217, 3414, 3438, 3544, 4318) Faster cycle and extrusion times Gives off heat (exothermic) (W-2410, 3952, 3417) Slower cycle and extrusion times
Smoother surfaces In line paintable Rougher surfaces Must age before painting
(2 weeks for outgassing)
White color
No pin holes
Slight yellow color
Pin holes common
Most are FDA approved
Small 25 micron cell size
No FDA (can be slightly toxic)
Larger cells not uniform
Do not mix with metallic stearates
Do not mix with DOP or plasticizers
Metallic stearates activate
Can mix with plasticizers


W-2410 Cream powder Most resins except PC, nylon, PET Azo type best for high molecular weight plastics-large cells, exothermic, (390-450F)
W-3952 White powder Nylon High temp (420-520F)
W-3217 Fine white powder Styrenics & PVC Styrene carrier will work in other resins
W-3544A-678 Fine white powder P/C, Nylon, PET High heat (360-600F)
W-3727 White powder LDPE Low Temp (280-400F)
W-3076 White pellet “Universal” PE carrier 70% blowing agent (315-400F)
W-3414(3438) White pellet P/E, P/P, most resins PE carrier -similar to W-3076; 50% active.             (316F start-full decomposition 360F)
W-4318 White pellet Most resins PE carrier (320-400F)
W-3417 Sodium bicarbonate Low temp resins only Unstable and unreliable but low-cost.

Blend of 25% W-2410 and 75% W-3217 for rigid or flexible vinyls.

Do not use W-3414, W-3217, or W-4318 for long term foam applications where P20 steel is used.  Moisture is released in the form of steam that will eventually cause rust and pit the mold.  Note that this is not a problem when using small amounts to control sinks.

W-3414 is 35 microns and is a nucleant + blowing agent.
W-3217 is 7 microns and is a nucleant + blowing agent.