Custom Polymer Compounding Capabilities

Colorants and Additives For Plastics & Industrial U.V. Coatings

Peacock Compounding will compound, toll blend, reprocess, modify and experiment with existing formulations. We supply products for injection molding, rotational, extrusion, film, fiber, and thermoset industries.

In-house blending of resin, color and additives is only cost efficient when you know the job will be done accurately the first time. For complex, process-critical blending, custom compounding can be your best solution. It allows you to delegate the blending complexities and assure your levels productivity and quality. For applications where the Do-It-Yourself approach to blending resin, color and additives is not a desirable alternative, Peacock provides a proven outsourcing alternative.

• Our technical sales people have practical experience in solving problems
• Our color matching and formulating of colorants is among the best in the US. We have on line access to all major pigment and dye supplier data bases.
• Our rapid service to meet deadlines and prevent downtime.
• We are equipped with computer aided color checking to ensure consistency.
• We match RAL (K5), Pantone®, Federal 595, Munsell, Spectrum and other color systems.
• We accept order quantities as low as 50 pounds
• Our equipment will handle the tough-to-process resins

  • Concentrate LineAcetal: Delrin®, Celcon®
  • Acrylic, PMMA
  • Barex®
  • Lexan® Polycarbonate
  • TPE, TPOs
  • Polyurethane; ether & ester TPUs
  • Polysulphone
  • Ridged & Flexible PVC
  • Ultem, PEEK
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer
  • PE, PP, EVA
  • Polyamide; Zytel® nylon 6, 66
  • Thermoset urethane, polyester, epoxy, vinyl plastisols

Specialty Additive Capabilities

With a diverse range of processing equipment and decades of experience, Peacock Compounding is a proven source for specialty additives including…
• Blowing Agents
• Conductive Polymers
• Anti-Stats, static dissipative
• Infrared & Ultraviolet filters
• PTFE (Teflon) filled
• Flame Retardants

       •  Non Brominated Flame Retardant Polyurethane

       •  Non Halogenated Flame Retardant Polyurethane

Processing Versatility

With both Buss Kneader and Twin Screw Compounding equipment, Peacock Compounding is equipped to handle all of your diverse resin compounding requirements.